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More then one decade ago I helped plant a tree at Kandi in the form of Saraswati Devi Public School. After all these years I see a picture of the tree. It is now flourishing and definitely thriving. There was and still is, such satisfaction that I helped plant that tree, which provides fruit to others to splendor.

I would like to thank almighty for the past and blessing ourselves under protection and guidance for the future as we have completed twelve years striving, hard work and sincerity in our Endeavour for providing quality education.

"Education is to equip young minds with tools to      soar high and think beyond thinking"

Dear Students, schooling is our first contact with the world, a period of joy, healthy competition, fearing, adjustment, sharing, and love. It is not the wide-open spaces, classrooms, library, laboratories, or the large field that make the school.

It is in the heart of the students and staff that the true institution exists. As we believe "A school is a building surrounded by four walls with the future inside".

In an attempt to provide quality service, SDPS strives hard to generate good citizens besides it includes the social and moral values in the students and ignites their minds to perform their best.

Being the secretary of the school, I wholeheartedly welcome every one whoever seeks admission to this institution and wish best of luck all those who are about to complete their schooling from this school.

Further, I feel good to say that this school is best equipped with all technological aids which our students acquire and imbibe for their bright future.

Our Philosophy

Sarawati Devi Public School blends tradition with modernity and aims at including intrinsic values integral for moulding impressionable minds of the present generation and fostering in them the proper perspective and wholesome attitude to face the world.

SDPS Principle

Success comes to those who work hard stays with those who don't rest on the laurels of the past.

Key Of Success

Our 5 keys for success and social and emotional well-being feed into all aspects of school life and are:
1.Getting along